A Tropical Regeneration

Through permaculture reconnect with your seeds.

November 25th - 30th 2018  Guatemala, Mystical Yoga Farm 

A Tropical Regeneration retreat that joins participants on a journey through the 7 chakras in conjunction with the 7 flowers of the permaculture flower, reconnecting us with our seed. 

The intention of this retreat is to connect people back to the Earth, cultivating balance through permaculture and other wholistic resources. 

Participants will receive practical tools that they can integrate into their daily lives to continue the practice of regenerating our planet, mind, body, and spirit. Some of the educational activities will include a focus on: permaculture, sound healing, yoga, meditation, fermentation, medicine plants, ceremony, art, nature connection, etc.



Day 1

Arrive at farm

Opening circle

Introduction to Mystical Yoga Farm


Day 2

Chakra: Root / Permaculture Petal: Land & Nature Stewardship

Chakra: Sacral / Permaculture Petal: Building

Sunrise Meditation & Yoga

Farm Tour

Permaculture Practice, Planting Seeds, & Introduction to Biodynamics

Chakra Workshop

Sprouting and other Raw food with Fruit feast

Earth Sound Journey


Day 3

Chakra: Solar Plexus / Permaculture Petal: Tools and Technology

Chakra: Heart / Permaculture Petal: Education and Culture

CACAO day!

Heart Opening Ecstatic Dance

Permaculture Practice: Learning to integrate cacao in a food forest, Culture & Education

Cacao Making & Chocolates

Tea Time

Cacao Ceremony

Om Dome Sound of the Heart Healing


Day 4

Chakra: Throat / Permaculture Petal: Health and Spirituality

Voice Activation Meditation & Kirtan

Permaculture Practice:  Medicine Plant Walk

Medicine Making, Tinctures & More

Sacred Fermentation Workshop & Practical (Harvest from garden)

Temazcal Ceremony


Day 5

Chakra: Third Eye / Permaculture Petal: Finance and Economics

Chakra: Crown / Permaculture Petal: Land Tenure and Community Governance

Sunrise Sun Gazing to activate the Pineal Gland

Permaculture: Economics - Global Situation & Local Situation (microcosm/macrocosm)

Tea Time - Permaculture: Networking & the Global Community

Passion Test

Permaculture: Designing a Dream

Fire Ceremony


Day 6

Departure Day

Yoga & Guided Reactivation of Chakra Flow

Closing Circle

Exchange of Energy:

6 days / 5 nights Accommodation at The Mystical Yoga Farm  

3 Plant-Based Meals per day 

All Education, Workshops, Ceremonies, Healing, The Opportunity To Expand, Grow and Connect

Recipe & Song books

$1,111 dorm style

$1,211 single person cabina 


Please email tropicalregeneration@gmail.com for info, questions. SIGN UP!

Tropical Regeneration is a permaculture project empowering people to go back to their roots, grow a garden, and protect this earth. “Permaculture is the art of healing nature.” We no longer can just be sustainable. We need to reconnect nature with humanity. Tropical Regeneration is about finding solutions and taking action. We use permaculture and start local, in our own backyards, with neighbors, teaching each other and empowering our community.  Alan Cacao and Jean Louise co-founded this project to live out their dream.

Alan Cacao helps people from the western world bridge the gap between their experiences and the natural world.  Alan has studied and worked in permaculture for the last 8 years. His first school being Las Canadas co-op in Mexico, teaching about bamboo. He has been the farm manager at Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala and Punta Mona in Costa Rica, as well as many other farms where he has been holding space, hosting ceremonies and teaching workshops.

Alan has planted thousands and thousands of trees, reforesting lands throughout the Americas. Alan loves cacao and has been facilitating cacao ceremonies that connect people back to their hearts. Alan participated in many different temazcal since. his childhood within different tribes and has continued his practice guiding temazcal ceremonies when called. Alan’s greatest passions are the love of nature, plants and animals, the creation of music, sharing everything possible and learning every day.

Jean Louise is a women of action, planting seeds in the ground, her heart, and others. Jean inspires others with her story of leaving the corporate world and using her resources to be the solution; voting with each dollar and each bite she takes. She studied yoga through the institute school of yoga at Mystical Yoga Farm and travel through the Americas volunteering and learning at various permaculture projects.  Jean has experimented on her body, mind, and spirit with soul psychology through 21 day rituals, affirmations, journaling, mantras, vipassana meditation, eating from the garden, cleanses, and cooking. Permaculture was the link that made her world holistic. Her path in life is focused on protecting this earth and culture through the nurturing of seeds. Jean’s greatest passions in life are learning through nature, experimenting in the kitchen, observing plants and animals, singing around the fire and swimming in the Caribbean waters. 

Astaria Light is a harmonic energy artist who founded Light of Sound, a wholistic healing practice that utilizes the medium of light frequency, sound vibration and musical medicine to restore balance and vitality to that which is out of tune. Her love for Mother Earth and deep connection with the natural world, continues to inspire her mission to help raise our collective vibration back into loving harmony with Gaia.

She lives to create magical experiences that pull people out of the matrix and into full presence with truth, community connection, and the love of our one heart.

Astaria enjoys spending most of her life in communion with the wilds of nature, tuning in with the trees, plants, animals, and water sources, sharing their songs through the instrument of her voice. She is a creative being who left the corporate fashion design world to discover her soul's song and reconnect her roots in the Earth.


Please email tropicalregeneration@gmail.com for info, questions. SIGN UP!