Our Vision: Regeneration of life in the tropics and re-connection of the relations between humans and the earth through education and life changing experiences.
planting seeds

About Us

Tropical Regeneration is a permaculture project empowering people to go back to their roots, grow a garden, and protect this earth. Alan Cacao and Jean Louise co-founded the project to live out their dream. Alan helps people from the western world bridge the gap between their experiences and the natural world.  Alan has studied and worked in permaculture for the last 8 years. Jean dances through life creating a paradise within her heart and all around her. "Th rough the project we have  started to create our own reality by actions and planting seeds each day in ourselves, in the ground, and in others,” said Jean. "It is about all generations; past, present, and future generations. We work with nature and connect to the natural cycles and rhythms."  Learn more about the co-founders