Alan Cacao has roots from nature and tribal cultures and uses these to bring people in the western world closer to nature and their roots. Alan originally studied to become a civil engineer in his home country of Mexico. Once he finished his studies, Alan began to travel in order to "expand his vision of the world", thus beginning a series of adventures where he became immersed in the spiritual world of plants and spent time living with different indigenous groups. At this time he learned about building with natural native materials and sustainable agriculture. After two years on the road he was introduced to permaculture in one of the largest projects in Central America called Las Cañadas where he spent two years as a volunteer. Later, he began a trip through Central and South America for almost 5 years where he continued collaborating in diverse projects and indigenous groups. For approximately three years now, Alan has been using cacao to help people and nature, guiding ceremonies, and reforesting land in 4 different countries. Through Alan's love for permaculture and protecting this earth he has manifested and co-founded a project called Tropical Regeneration whose mission is the regeneration of the ecosystems using agroforestry, protecting existential rainforests and improving the quality of life and happiness of different communities. Alan’s greatest passions are the love of nature, human beings, the creation of music, sharing everything possible and learning every day.


Jean Louise dances through life creating a paradise within her heart and all around her. She originally studied to be an accountant at the University of Portland in her home country of the United States. She moved through the corporate system, changing jobs every few years but never really feeling satisfied with her life in the world of materialism. She has always questioned the status quo, and had an interest to discover the truth. She left the corporate world and began a journey of self-exploration, changing the world within herself. She initially took a “Gap Year” to travel solo around the world. After a month of traveling Jean knew she was not going to return in the same capacity. She redesigned her life to living simply, learning, unlearning, and eventually teaching. She traveled to Europe, Mexico, and Central America, discovering her roots.  "I have come to love a life where we grow our own fruit, we have ceremonies celebrating plants and giving thanks, we plant seeds each day, swim at the beach, practice yoga, and create. Where each day is the best day ever,” Jean explained. She came into her beauty and began inspiring others through her actions and words. Jean has had the opportunity to co-create, volunteer and visit various permaculture projects over the past few years. Permaculture was the link that made her world holistic with spirituality, yoga, ceremonies, planting, growing, and protecting this earth and cultures. Jean has manifested her reality creating a life that resonates with her. She has invested funds she earned in the corporate world to become pat of the solution and has co-founded Tropical Regeneration.  Jean’s greatest passions in life is learning through nature, observing plants and animals, and yoga.

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