Community of beings that live honoring and respecting all the relations. We listen to nature, we work with the cycles of nature, and we are nature. We are all related, we are all one tribe.

Our Vision is "Regeneration of the life in the tropics and the reconnection of the Relations between humans and earth improving the quality of life and happiness of different communities.” This involves collaborating, sharing information, and living in community. All information shared by the tribe is open source, and available for sharing world wide with linking back to the tribe, and Tropical Regeneration. If you are interested in collborating and sharing your knowledge under the permaculture unbrella please contact us


Rea Farout

Manager of Project, DJ, Chef, Event Planner, Writer, Creative, Renaissance women, Manager of Project. Owner and founder of


Chantal Pritchard

Mind -Body Awareness Coach, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Vegan Chef Profile & Bookings


Tori Delhagen

Videographer, Photographer, Earth Protector, EcoTravel, Freedom Digital Nomad. Founder of Earth Wanders, Bookings


Astaria Light

Forest Fairy, Light Keeper, Singer, Sound Healer, Protector of this Earth. Founder of Light of Sound

Halie Houghton

Aventurer, Yogi , Reiki Practioner, Herbalist, and Project Coordinator in Puerto Viejo. Profile

Brett Pullen

Brett Pullen

Permaculture activist, Fruit Daddy, Traveler, Conscious consumer, real estate investor. Youtube Channel